Dance Teachers

    These are our SW 2023 Teachers.

  • Katherine Giacoletti
  • Jeanne Moody
  • Andy Taylor-Blenis
  • Up Katherine Giacoletti, Wyncote, PA

    Katherine Giacoletti

    Katherine Giacoletti has been dancing her whole life, training in classical ballet, jazz, and modern from a very young age. Then she discovered Scottish dancing in college and never looked back! Scottish dance has been her passion ever since, and along the way she also took up English country dancing and contra dancing.

    Katherine has been teaching Scottish country dancing for over 25 years, including at workshops and camps up and down the Eastern seaboard. She also studies and competes in highland dance, and is a member of ScotDance USA (formerly FUSTA, the association of U.S. highland dance teachers and adjudicators) with her highland teaching certificate from the British Association of Teachers of Dance (BATD).

    When she has to be not dancing, Katherine supports the habit as a pharmaceutical manufacturing statistician based in the Philadelphia suburbs.

    Up Jeanne Moody

    Jeanne Moody

    Jeanne started Scottish Country Dancing at Bryn Mawr College in the Delaware Valley Branch, PA, then continued dancing in Portland, OR, and now San Diego, CA. It has been her pleasure to teach a dedicated beginner's class since receiving her teaching certification in 2012, and her deepest satisfaction comes from the core group who return every season to welcome new dancers. She's been fortunate to teach at workshops around the US and Canada, including the Asilomar weekend, New Mexico, Pawling, TAC Summer School, and Hawaii.

    When not dancing she works as a medicinal chemist in drug discovery, a challenging and rewarding pursuit.

    Jeanne absolutely loves sharing the joy of this dance form. It is her hope to make dancing approachable, fun, and elegant - to make the music visible. "May our capacity to celebrate our music, our dancing, and the rich and varied community of SCD always grow!"

    Up Andy Taylor-Blenis

    Andy Taylor-BlenisAndy was born into the dancing family of Marianne and Conny Taylor and for her, dancing was breathing. Her International Folk Dance teaching began young, she received her RSDCS certification at 18 and later her BFA from UMass Amherst. She teaches classes for all ages in Modern/Jazz, IFD and SCD. Currently she is artistic director for the Boston Scottish Country Dancers of the RSCDS Boston Branch.

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