Timber Ridge Camp, in Highview, West Virginia, is located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley, where the base of North Mountain and the shores of the Cacapon River meet.


About Timber Ridge

Please see the following web sites for general information about the facilities at Timber Ridge:

  • Camp Features (from the Timber Ridge web site)

    About Scottish Weekend at Timber Ridge

    Up Dance Spaces

    The main dance space at Timber Ridge is 140'x140' gymnasium; evening dances are held there. Other dances spaces, measuring 30'x60', 35'x40', and 40'x40' are available for classes during the day.

    New for 2014: A full bathroom with two unisex stalls and sink with hot/cold running water will be available outside the side door of the main dance space where the evening dances are held. (Photo from August 2014)

    Up Housing

    The camp offers a variety of cabin styles with electricity, sinks, showers, toilets, and single beds.

    Up Dining Hall and Pool

    Timber Ridge has a large dining facility.

    The camp also has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, which will be open in the afternoons and briefly after the evening dances. Camp rules: do not swim alone; please take a friend with you. Camp policy is that since we are adults, no lifeguard is needed.

    UpReminders, Camp Info and Policies

    Before leaving home, you will want to consider the following:

    • Telephone access at Timber Ridge -- there are pay phones at camp. In case of an emergency, messages can be left on the camp's phone, which is 304-856-2630. Please note that cell phone reception is extremely poor in this area and you may be unable to use your phone in camp.
    • There is no provision for hanging garments in most of the cabins, so consider bringing towel racks, over-the-door hooks and/or clothes lines. Thumb tacks are OK, but no nails or wall hooks.
    • This venue is SMOKE-FREE; no smoking is allowed either inside or outside at the camp
    • You may not bring or possess the following on Timber Ridge property without prior written consent of Timber Ridge Camp: dogs, cats or other pets, firearms, contraband and illegal substances.
    • The camp's Olympic-sized swimming pool WILL BE OPEN in the afternoons and briefly after the evening dances, when the lifeguard is on duty! Please bring your own folding lounge or deck chairs if you would like to sit by the pool.
    • There is also a "swimming hole" at the river. Several canoes are also available.
    • If you like comfort when sitting outside, you might want to bring a folding lawn chair for just sitting outside your cabin, for jamming or sitting by the river.
    • Evenings will be quite dark so be sure to bring a flashlight (or buy one of ours!).

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