Dances Taught at Scottish Weekend 1999

Basic Class

Terry Harvey
Sleepwalking 32 R3 Kathy Giacoletti
The Preparation Reel 32 J3 Terry Harvey--written to teach the reels for Cranberry Tart
Marjorie McLaughlin
Joie de Vivre 8 x 32 J3 Book 39
David Tague
Lochiel's Awa To France 48 S Book 15
Riggs of Corn 32 R2 Glasgow Assembly

Social Class

Terry Harvey
Lake Geneva 32 S3C Kent Smith, Chicago
The Rose Garden 32 S2 Kathy Wendell, San Francisco II
Marjorie McLaughlin
Agnes and Bobby Crowe 96 S Roy Goldring leaflet
Balmullo Reel 88 R Roy Goldring leaflet
David Tague
Cairdin O't 32 R2 Cairdin O't (Book)
The Iona Reel 32 R3 Aotearoa Book
Whistler's Jig 6 x 32 J2 David Tague

Technique Class

Terry Harvey
Swashbuckling Iain 32 J2 San Francisco II (warm up)
The Great Thunder Falls 32 J3 Iain Boyd, Brock Anniversary
The Highlandman Kissed His Mother 32 R3 Miscellany II
Marjorie McLaughlin
Sophie's Farewell 3 x 32 S Bruce Hamilton Leaflet
David Tague
Big Law Burn 32 S4 Aotearoa Book
Dingwall and Skye 32 R3 Leeds 10th Anniversary

Specialty Class: "It's the Audience, Stupid!""

Terry Harvey

Specialty Class: An Historical Perspective

Marjorie McLaughlin
Culloden's Fancy 16 R (also danced as an "English" duple minor) Book 5
Haughs of Cromdale 16 S Book 4
Lady Macintosh's Rant 32 S (also danced as an "English" triple minor, improper) Book 3
Round About Hullachan 32 R Book 5

Specialty Class: Step

David Tague
McLoughlin Strathspey and Reel Medley David Tague

Combined Class

Terry Harvey
Cranberry Tart 32 J3 Terry Glasspool, Seven Year Itch
Marjorie McLaughlin
Mary Erksine 8 x 32 H Roy Goldring, 15 Social Dances
David Tague
Glen Fruin 1 x 32 S/32 R David Tague
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