Dances Taught at Scottish Weekend 2001

Basic Class

Elaine Brunken
Mrs MacLeod 32 R3 RSCDS Book 6
Bob Grant
Saxie's Baa 32 J2 Priddey, Green Lady Book
Wells House 32 S3 Goldring, Wells House and Other Strathspeys

Social Class

Elaine Brunken
Allt an Duin 32 R3 Goldring, 24 Graded and Social Dances
Laura's Ceilidh 32 J3 Ron Wallace, From the Redwood Forest
The Falkirk Lass 32 S3 Elaine Brunken leaflet
Water of Fleet 32 J4 Roy Goldring, 15 Social Dances
Bob Grant
Castle Douglas 32 S3 Goldring, 12 More Social Dances
Dancing Forth 32 R Edinburgh Branch 75th Anniversary Book
The Acadian Jig 48 J4 Drewry, Brodie Book
Catherine Shaw
Lucy of Lammermoor 48 S4 Foss, Waverley Fugues
Marmalade 32 S4 Donald Karwelis, The Pleasure of Your Company
More Bees A-Dancing 32 R3 Goldring, Graded and Social 2
Remembering Rico 32 J4 Catherine Shaw, unpublished
Tomalena 32 R5 San Francisco Coll, Vol 2

Technique Class

Elaine Brunken
Foggy River Reel 40 R4 Jana Blue leaflet
The Falkirk Lass 32 S3 Elaine Brunken leaflet
Bob Grant
Jan Wilson's Strathspey 32 S3 Bob Campbell, The Australian Book
Stonehaven Lassies 32 J3 Drewry, Greenburn Book 2
The Bountree Reel 48 J4 Drewry, Greenburn Book 2

Specialty Class

Elaine Brunken
Canadian Barn Dance Collins Pocket Reference
Palais Glide Collins Pocket Reference
Patta Cake Polka Collins Pocket Reference
Pride of Erin Waltz Collins Pocket Reference
St Bernard's Waltz Collins Pocket Reference
Bob Grant
Dutch Crossing 64 R4 Ernst Von Brakel (English Country Dance)
Mellionen Welsh Country Dance
The Kelpie of Loch Coruisk 32 R7 Priddy, Silver Rose Book

Specialty Class: Dances with a Canadian Flavour

Catherine Shaw
Dance with a Friend 32 S4 Ferne Katzberg, Dance with a Friend
Fiddlehead Feast 32 R4 New Brunswick Collection
Ten Years Later 32 R3 Catherine Shaw, unpublished
The Flirting Dance 32 R4 Sq Ottawa 25th Anniversary Book 25 Dances for 25 Years

Combined Class

Elaine Brunken
Haggarty's Brig 32 S3 Elaine Brunken leaflet
Bob Grant
Drambuie 160 J4 Sq Thurston, Glendarroch Collection
Catherine Shaw
Twiddle in the Middle 32 R3 Jenny Bradley, The Oaks of Sherwood
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