Up Scottish Country Dance Classes

Scottish Country Dance Classes focused on Basic and Social dancing and Technique will be led by each of the three guest dance teachers. On Saturday afternoon dancers may select one of the specialty classes offered. Classes will be accompanied by our staff musicians. All Scottish Country dance classes will cover technique and dancing as a social activity, but will emphasize different aspects. Basic - For less experienced dancers or others who want to work on basic points of the steps and formations. Social - Social aspects of Scottish Country dancing (no footwork). Technique – More advanced execution of steps and more challenging formations. The classes you requested are indicated on your packet. If you want to change, see Sandy Gallamore.

Up Music Classes

Music classes will offer instruction in playing Scottish tunes, focusing on music for Scottish Country dancing.

Up Specialty Classes

Specialty classes will be offered Saturday afternoon. In 2016, they are: 1. Dave Wiesler - Singing class. Join Dave to learn and sing a round or two, and some 3- and 4-part choral arrangements of Scottish folk songs turned on their heads. Music reading helpful but not necessary. Sense of humor essential. 2. Jamie Berg will offer a Step Dancing class.

See the schedule page for more information.

Please attend the class level for which you signed up and as indicated on your packet. If you wish to change, contact Teacher Liaison Sandy Gallamore.

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